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28 piece small multifunctional portable tool box kit

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  • Up for sale is 1 Brand New Portable 28pcs Tool Box Kit

Tools include:

  1. 1x Hammer
  2. 1x Spanner
  3. 1x Hex Saw
  4. 1x Plier
  5. 1x Nose Plier
  6. 1x 2metre Measuring Tape 
  7. 1x Big Phillips Head Screwdriver
  8. 1x Small Phillips Head Screwdriver
  9. 1x Big Flat Head Screwdriver
  10. 1x Small Flat Head Screwdriver
  11. 1x 6 PCS Screwdriver Set
  12. 1x Scissor
  13. 1x Safety Knife
  14. 1x Filer
  15. 1x Tape
  16. 1x Torch
  17. 5x Allen Keys
  18. 1x Digital Temperature Gauge Screwdriver
  19. 1x Carry Case
  20. 1x Generic CardBoard Box

Some features include:

  • Portable, Convient, Multifunctional
  • Perfect for Appartment
  • Includes every essential tool for basic day to day jobs